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No 0 Editor Seoul Center Date 2015-09-18 View 503
Title Representative for Seoul City Foreign Residents

Seoul Metropolitan Government Announcement No. 2015-1679


Recruitment Announcement

Representative for Seoul City Foreign Residents Council


Seoul Metropolitan Government is recruiting the representatives for Seoul City Foreign Residents Council. The Seoul City Foreign Residents Council is established to seek advice, proposals and review  the city’s policies related to the foreign residents in Seoul through the council with the participation of the foreign resident’s representatives.

2015. 9.


Mayor of Seoul Metropolitan Government


1. Application submission period: 2015. 10.14 (Wed) ~ 10.20 (Tue)


2. How to apply: send an application by mail or email


3. Number of recruits: 45 persons more or less


4. Qualification

A. A foreign resident of age 18 or above on the announcement day who  has been residing in Seoul more than 90 days and staying in the Republic of Korea more than 1 year from the date of entry

B. a person meeting the qualification described above in A, who is recommended by more than 10 foreigners of age 18 or above (required the signatures of the recommenders)

Foreign Residents (in Seoul): are foreigners and naturalized Korean citizens including their children who have been residing more than 90 days in Seoul (Seoul Metropolitan Government Ordinance No. 2-1 for Foreign Residents and Multi-cultural Families)


5. Main function of Foreign Residents Council

A. Seeking advice, proposal and reviewing  the policiesrelated to  the foreign resident: to improve the rights of the foreign residents, cultural diversity and living environment as well as to reinforce foreign residents’ competence

B. Checking the implementation status of the policies related to the foreign residents


6. Term of the representative: 3 years

7. Reason for dismissal: when the person desires to resign from the position or when it is acknowledged that the person is not appropriate to carry on the duty due to the reasons such as illness, moving to other city, the absence for a long period of time, etc. 

8. Required documents to submit

A. Application (1 copy): fill out the application in Korean including personal information, major career, etc.

B. Letter of recommendation (1 copy): the applicant should have recommendations from more than 10 foreigners (required solidarity signatures of the recommenders)

C. Photo (1 copy): 3×4

9. Application submission

A. Place to submit: Seoul City Hall Multiculturalism Division 

B. How to submit: by mail or email 

- Mailing address: Multiculturalism Division, Seoul City Hall 9th floor, 110, Sejong-daero, Jung-gu, Seoul (zip: 04524)

- Email: [email protected]

- Contact number: 02-2133-5077 (Fax: 02-2133-0730)

Deadline of the application to be received by mail – by 17:00 hours of the closing date

C. Note: The application must be filled out as instructed on the form. If the applicant provided false information, the person will be dismissed from the position even if he or she was selected for a representative.

10. Evaluation and selection

A. Seoul Metropolitan Government will confirm the candidate’s qualification with the Immigration Office, the Supreme Court and the National Police Agency for screening ineligibility.


B. The “Representative Selection Committee” will select the representatives through a deliberate evaluation.  

C. The selection result will be announced in the early November, 2015 on the homepage of Seoul Metropolitan Government.

11. Other information:

A. The application and other forms can be downloaded at “news.notice” on the homepage of the Seoul Metropolitan Government.


B. A small allowance will be paid to the representative for attendance and participation in the meeting.

C. The selected representatives are required to participate in the group training during November. The appointment ceremony is scheduled to be held at the Seoul City Hall on December 18 (Fri), 2015 during the Foreign Residents Council.

D. The submitted documents are not to be returned. Please contact Multiculturalism Division (2133-5077) for more information.

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