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No 0 Editor Seoul Center Date 2016-04-19 View 579
Title 2016 HanRiver Mongttang Summer Festival

Global Supporters for HanRiver Mongttang Summer Festival 2016

l . Recruit notice
qualification for application : Age(20-30) 150 foreigners / domestic University student 30 people
Application period : 15th of April(Friday) ~ 1st of May(Sunday)
Passed examination : Individual notification only for pass document examination
Pre-Trainin : 5th of May (Thurs. holidays) Orientation am11 ~ pm5 / 9th of May(Mon) 
pm6 ~ 9 / 13th of May(Fri) pm6 ~ 9 / 17th of May (Tues) pm6 ~ 9 / 18th of Jun(Sat) am11~pm5 
(Available in pre-training activities only participant)
Ceremony : 21th of May(Sat) Han river MongTang ceremony / 20th(Fri) Opening Night Market
Activity period : From May to August (Adjust active period after the ceremony for each 
team, 3-5 times a month activities after selecting program)
ll . How to apply
please submit document on the web www.Fundaykorea.com

lll . Activities
K-POP DANCE, Parade PerFormances
Promotion on SNS or the volunteering for informing the festival(night market)
Participate on important festival(night market) program and carry out mission.

lV . Benefit for participant
Seoul volunteering certificates / awards for excellent activities and for personal.
Experience and particiption benefits for the festival (night market) during activities period 

V . Host
Seoul Hangang Project Headquarters (http://hangang.seoul.go.kr/)

Vl . operated by
Funday Korea Networks , www.Fundaykorea.com , email: [email protected]

Next the 9th anniversary of Together Day !
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