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Help Desk

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  • What are your opening hours?

    • We are open 10:30am to 7:30pm.
  • Are you open on weekends?

    • Yes. Opening hours are seven days a week from 10:30am to 7:30pm except New year's day and Thanks giving day.
  • Can I try Korean Traditional Costume?

    • Yes. You can try Korean Traditional Costume and It's FREE! Just bring your camera!
      ※Please note that each group will have 10 minutes to take photos. (1 costume per person only)
  • How can I try Korean Traditional Costume?

    • Please come to our center for registration. 
      We do not accept any reservation via email or phone call.
      Since there are lots of people come for the costume, please note that it can be fully booked around 2 or 3pm.
      Hours 10:30am – 6pm (First-come, first-served basis. Max. 6pax per group)
      *All programs we offer are for foreign residents and tourists only.
  • Can I find your center on SNS?

  • Can I keep my luggage in the center?

    • Yes. There are 'key-less' lock system coin lockers(charged) in the center.
  • How big are the coin lockers/how much?

    • Below are the three coin locker types available in the center.
       Small : approx. 25*65*69 / 24 hours ₩1,000
       Medium : approx. 25*98*69 / 24 hours ₩2,000
       Large : approx. 36.5*98*69 / 24 hours ₩3,000
      * You should pick up your luggage during opening hours.  
       (10:30am ~ 7:00pm)

       You can store your belongings for more than 24 hours but it requires extra fee.
  • Can I use Internet of Wifi in the center?

    • Yes. You can use computer for 20 min for free and Free-Wifi is also available.
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