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No 0 Editor Seoul Center Date 2014-10-02 View 40
Title HiSeoulFestival 2014

The street art festival, HiSeoulFestival

City, People and Art altogether creates a street of festival, the world is dreaming! 
Throughout many different performances including opening and ending programs and citizen participated projects of 54 companies from 7 countries, HiSeoulFestival creates the road connecting city, art, and people. 
ㅇTitle: HiSeoulfestival 2014
ㅇDate: Oct 1, 2014(Wed) ~ Oct 5(Sun)
ㅇPlace: Seoul Plaza, Gwanghwamun Square, 
Chyonggye Plaza, Chyeonggyecheonro,
Saejong-Daero, Deoksugung Doldam-gil,
Seoul Citizens Hall, Seochon
ㅇSlogan : Let’s play on the street
ㅇHosted by : Seoul Metropolitan Government, 
Seoul Foundation for arts and culture
ㅇOrganized by : Hi Seoul Festival Committee
ㅇMain program
- Special programs 
• Opening Program <'The return of butterfly!>
• Closing program <끝.장.대.로(Kkeut.Jang.Dae.Ro.)>

- Performances
• Korea Invitational: 19 companies
• Overseas Invitational: 9 companies
• Off Programs:20 companies

- Events 
• Citizen created small festival, 
• Citizen Participated Program 
• Place of meeting and interacting 
• Sharing throughout the festival 

Next 2014 ITAEWON Global Village Festival
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