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Purpose of use Basic lease fee Remarks
A. Ordinary public events; lectures; seminars; or small-scale concerts 400,000 won An event that does not require the erection of a large-sized structure
B. Concerts or performances 600,000 won An event that requires the erection of a large-sized structure
  • ⋅ The foregoing basic lease fee is for an event lasting for up to 4 hours.
  • ⋅ For an event exceeding 4 hours, 100,000 won/hour shall be paid for an "A"-type event or 150,000 won/hour for a "B"-type event, in addition to the basic lease fee.
  • ⋅ For an event held twice a day, a 50% discount will apply to the second event.
  • ⋅ No event is allowed to be held after 10:00 PM.
  • The foregoing lease fee may be paid with admission tickets worth up to half of the value of the lease fee with the prior consent of Seoul Tourism Organization.
  • ⋅ A sum equal to 50% of the foregoing lease fee to be paid
  • ⋅ For work involving the removal of structures that takes less than an hour to complete after the end of the event, no lease fee will be charged.
  • ⋅ The stage and audience seating
  • ⋅ The dressing room
  • ⋅ Other basic facilities
       - Basic lighting/sound facilities
       - Ancillary facilities not subject to the lease fee
  • Note
  •    - The foregoing does not include audience guides or bottled drinking water.
  •    - No parking lot is provided.
  •    - Matters pertaining to the temporary parking of trucks used for the transportation of event-related equipment/goods should be discussed with us in advance.
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