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Travel Drawing: Draw the Sea of Jeju with a Pen (Travel Drawing)

2021-08-18 3:00 pm
2021-08-18 4:00 pm

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신청기간: ~2021년 08월 11일 오후 6시

Event Details

When traveling, sometimes it seems that taking photos is not enough. Our memories also fade away as time passes. This time, seize the moment by drawing it. If you can capture what you observe correctly and draw it by your own hands, then your memories will last longer.

Let’s draw a Gimnyeong beach scenery of Jeju Island and learn how to remember your best travel moments. In this class, you will especially learn how to draw faster with a pen, so you’ll be able to draw your travel moments while traveling.


– DIY kit can be delivered to Korean address only.

– Live streaming will be converted to private after the experience, and the highlight video will be uploaded afterward. (approximately 4 weeks later)

– Online experience is conducted with sequential Korean and English translation, and it is a program for anybody to easily follow.

– Program schedules are subject to change, and you can contact the center for inquiries.

– Photos/videos taken during the program can be uploaded on the center’s website and social media such as Facebook.

– Applicants will have to agree to provide basic personal information, such as name, nationality, and email address. The collected information will be shared with Seoul Metropolitan Government and Seoul Tourism Organization for the next event notifications.

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